DAY 2 – Group discussions

Day 2 – July 5th

Theory Building Through ABM

The groups discuss the basics on the notion of theory and related concepts. In particular the discussion is about the role and understanding of theory and the relation to good examples of theory building with ABM.

The group work slot consists of:

1 | Discussion Phase: Please discuss the following questions and related aspects.

2 | Documentation Phase: Please document answers to each of the questions discussed (listed questions and/or additional points that came up) and the outputs in texts. Please create slides for graphical representations. 

(During discussion, please also consider the respective answers to the survey questions!)  [Questionnaire]

We kindly ask you to discuss and find answers to the following questions:


What is the perceived status of theory development through ABM?

In particular:

  1. What is the role of theory in your research?
  2. How important is theory for the scientific progress of ABM? Why?
  3. Discuss the role of modeling individual cases (or case studies) vs. theory development through ABM.
  4. Is there a difference between modeling approaches, for example between mathematical modeling and ABM, in their importance for theory development?

[Output] Please list: Examples on theory development through ABM. Elaborate: Is this a good example? Why? Can any general patterns/conclusions be observed or made with respect to these examples?


Please discuss the statements  on theory development and ABM (see survey report – Q19, Q20).

Please discuss the theory block of the questionnaire (see survey report – Q23-Q34).


After the group discussions, we come back together to report the results and exchange thoughts and ideas across the groups.